Friday, 27 February 2015


As I had been in Rome for several days, Beth, Vicky and Sam had produced the posters and the logo, so I wanted to produce the remainder of the elements to complete the brand identity and brief. 

This was really important to me to ensure I had done my bit for the team and towards the presentation/brief as a whole.

I produced a series of promotional elements, allowing for promotion of Capital North through give away bags containing items such as postcards, free train tickets and vouchers for the cities making the North!

These were then mocked up as seen below. I also worked on some environmental and train station mock-ups, showing how signage around the city could work promoting a specific city as an individual unit or as a whole through its colour, logo, dot to dot connection points and route. 

In regards to the train station itself, I created some connecting grids across two colour schemes showing the connection of the cities across a larger scale. This was used with lift doors, as if 4 were next to each other, creating a solid line across all four in 4 different colours, therefore showcasing the strong link between the 4 cities of Capital North.

All the mock-ups and elements mentioned can be seen below:

- - - -

Postcard Design:

Simple promotional postcards have been designed showcasing the link between, logo, city and colour. This would be included with the tote bags and other promotional materials.

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