Thursday, 12 February 2015


I was actually on placement the day that DBA came in for a crit, however my group have filled me in and gave me the following information:

It was suggested that using cogs was too old fashioned/historic and wouldn't be understood by the public. It was also said that by using cogs, it could be thought that the North is almost 'behind the times' and needs updating, opposed to being 'Capital North'. DBA said to keep pushing the idea to be modern as they liked the concept of the elements connecting and fitting together as one, but try and give the audience a more modern take on the idea.

The following list was then put together:

Information revolution

Circular theme
Themes turn

Science – Chemistry – train connections

Use colours for links

Construction site

Circles change to square

Look at connectivity

Connection of brain


Think about symbols

Don’t specifically illustrate everything

Not enough choice to choose from

Good at seeing potential, good eye graphically but need to be more creative

Look in to connectivity and chain reactions

Central idea, more than one thing and each drives the other

Interlocking circles

Something driving another thing


We have decided to meet on Friday to discuss the concept moving forward and how we can do this as a group.

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