Saturday, 21 February 2015


I began by selecting an image of one of the main characters, Gretchen Weiners, and manipulated this digitally, adding a printed background, which was hand drawn and used for both the Notebooks I previously made for a different brief, and my PPP Manifesto. I felt this pattern was quite retro and feminine and thought it would be a good base. I then altered the colours of the image to create different shades of pink to work with. The quote, 'on Wednesday's we wear pink' is going to be featured on the illustration. 

I wanted to work by hand and then digitise the artwork for further manipulation, colour tweaking and cropping.

As seen below, I began working by building up layers of patterns and shapes, as well as a view finder box separating the characters face and the quote. I worked freehand for this project, rather than working over a pencil outline. I felt this would allow the doodle/illustration style I was working with to come to life - the same respect as being hand rendered opposed to digital - I didn't want the outcome to look too perfect, digital or over worked.

Further line work, doodles and shapes were adding surrounding the face, as well as re-working over the hair and key structural elements of the face allowing these features to be prominent as well as being more cartoon like. I kept building the layers up freely until I was happy.

Once I had completed the black line work, I wanted to add colour, and felt the best way to do this to match the style I had gone for, was with Molotow Paint Pens, allowing for the colour to be sharp and sit on the paper, opposed to sink into it like highlighters and letterset ink based pens. This also allowed for the colours to be bright and cartoon like, popping from the contrasting darker background. Layers were built up in Pink, Purple, Blue and Yellow pastels/fluros allowing for different tones and depth to be created, as well as emphasising the patterns, shapes and typography which has been hand drawn.

Final illustration prior to be scanned in and digitised:

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