Saturday, 7 February 2015


The format for the gift card holder is 7 x 10cm, allowing for a 8.5 x 5.5cm gift card to be inserted between the perforated lines as shown on the image below (left). The logo is shown on the opposing side. This has been designed to be functional and appropriately sized for a purse/walled to keep safe and store until used in-store or online.

Originally as shown below the facing side was left blank, however to provide contrast with the gift card itself, the now brand pattern has been placed on this side also. My client really wants this to be gold, however this is yet to be experimented with. Emilie has very specific ideas of what she wants and does not want, and is willing to pay more for a product she is in love with, so we are working closing together at the moment. 

Below shows the gift card itself - the front featuring the standard details i.e. - to/from/expiry date/value and redemption code. In addition a blank space below the 'to' has been kept in order for the buyer to write a personal note before giving as a gift. The same as the rest of the details. This is standard practice with most fashion retailers. The reverse of the card features the store address, phone number and website directing the end user to the store/products.

In addition to the card holder shown above, Emilie wants an additional holder for the card which would be used when given as a gift and would be given in store. She really wants to gain a high-end, sophisticated and contemporary feel to the brand and store. The template for an envelope has been drawn out on illustrator, and is shown below. This is slightly larger than the card holder to allow for easy use. In keeping with the brand elements used, the circular illustration has been placed on the front facing panel, stating 'just for you'. This again adds to the personal touches that are being incorporated where possible.

- - - -

In addition to the gift card, to compliment the opening night and the branding as a whole, an extra fold-out element has been created as a promotional give away. 

I have been reading the book 'folding techniques for beginners' learning paper folding techniques, and felt this heart shape fold is a really cute addition. When opened up the net, drawn out on illustrator to scale looks as below, and features the information on the inside. For now the outside has been left blank however this may change when a mock-up is produced to test it and a real visual is created to gain feedback from.

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