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To gain both useful and appropriate feedback on the logos created, I put together a focus group through an online messenger, of ladies who either have young children, or whom are expecting soon. The age range is between 23-36.

To avoid bombarding the participants with 24 logos, I cut this down to 4 which I felt were strongest. I did not decide this alone however, I also gained feedback from a crit at uni with Sam, Vicky and Beth, whilst discussing the possible options with my colleagues at work/placement.

The 4 which collectively stood out the most/worked the best through the two feedback sessions were then sent to the online focus group.

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Hi Ladies, I hope you are well, and can possibly help me with some feedback on a logo for a children's wear boutique. I wanted to gain an opinion from the target audience, so mummy's. The name is Posh Tots and would sell designer kiddy gear! My sister is starting up soon so working on her branding! Narrowed it down to 4 ideas, so any feedback be amazing as to which you like/don't/why/colour etc. Thinking gold/cream pastels with a shabby chic interior Thankyou for your time xxx

Claire Cooper: Hi Hun I really like the first one with the 'tree' it was the first one that I looked at and grabbed me straight away. Also think this looks more of a logo than the others. Xx

Zoe Wylde: Bottom right stood out for me, simple, elegant and straight to the point. Using the wording boutique is a plus, makes you think upscale.

Sophie Higginbottom: like the bottom right, that's the one that stood out too me. I love the idea of the simple cream and gold it reminds me of the branding for the Kardashian kids collection (which I personally love) and a little glitter to brighten it up would look fab x

Charlotte Hancock: Bottom right id say is the best xxx

Leanne Chrimes: I'm gonna throw a spanner in the works! The bottom right is my second favourite and I think will be the easiest to work with. (With it being the landscape banner style I think it will fit into website design etc) however, visually I love the bottom left! I think it would be more difficult to work with but I really like it!

Following the feedback received from the focus group, I looked into the branding that Sophie had mentioned - Kardashian Kids to gain a little bit more insight into the industry and existing brands.

I can see where Sophie is coming from in regards to the gold logo with subtle sparkly touches. I really like how this colour combination however is appealing to both boys and girls, being quite neutral in colour.

Once I had all of the feedback collated, I had established that the bottom right logo (see below) was the one which appeared to stand out to 90% of the people asked (when asked out of the final 4). I feel this logo has room for foiling, embossing, stamping and even laser cutting if careful, as well as being able to work in different formats - i.e. web banner, clothes tag, business card. I really like the simplicity of the logo, and felt even though it doesn't have any strictly childish illustrations or in-your-face clothing store branding, it really fits with the brief and my clients likes/dislikes, as well as working well across media.

My client really likes this logo also out of the final four. Emilie said that the florals and blossom used were really nice and subtle ways of reflecting the image she is going for, however felt these would work better as a complimentary print or pattern. This is something I will work on in conjunction to the elements needed, however she also added that she wants to take as much feedback as she can into consideration in regards to the brand image as she wants it to be understood and relatable to the target audience/tone she is looking for. Emilie feels the logo chosen is most suited for the stated reasons and agrees it works better in various media formats.

Emilie has asked if I can try and use gold for the logo.

Focus Group Surveys:

To gain further insight from the potential target audience, those who answered the question regarding the logo, were also asked to answer the following questions for clarity and comparison to my client to ensure I am heading down the right lines.

1. Taking the logo designs you have viewed into consideration, what colour palette do you feel would best represent the brand?

- Black
- Pink/Blue
- Pastels (1)
- Gold/Silver (4)

2. Are you more likely to buy expensive designer clothing for your children if you are influenced through the visual aesthetic of the design elements? i.e. hang tags, adding quality.

- Yes (5)
- No
- Unbiased

I am hoping these answers will help with the logo design moving forwards, with both the clients vision to be similar to that of which would be expected for a high-end designer clothing store, especially for children.

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