Friday, 27 February 2015


In the Whistles brief pack from YCN, it states that Whistles compare themselves to brands such as Le Laba, Byredo and Commes des Garcons. This was therefore an obvious starting point to look at the standard Whistles are looking at receiving with their concepts and campaigns, however this showcases the simplicity of the designs also which are often used for scents and their subsequent packaging design.

Below shows a range of packaging designs which I have taken as examples as to the style, standard and aesthetic Whistles associates itself as brand next to.

It is obvious from the series of images that Whistles associate themselves with up-market, luxury, classy products, whilst being simplistic, contemporary and easy on the eye. 

From this small series of products collected through research, it appears that there is often no major concept with perfume lines, rather than a theme used to illustrate the scent or campaign often featuring a celebrity or models. However, the brands selected and associated with Whistles appear to be more stripped back in terms of visual aesthetic, yet still has a overarching concept linking them together.

The detail also comes in the packaging and bottle shape allowing for different aesthetics and tones to be expressed. 

Above: Aqua de Parma

Above: Humiechisgreaf

Above: Vilde

Above: Miss Dior by Dior

Above: Botanicario de Havana

Above: Comme des Gargons

Above: Unknown

Above: Byredo

Above: Comme des Gargons

Above: Byredo

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