Tuesday, 31 March 2015


As noted on a previous post, I had noticed that Beth and I had not further developed any alternate material, i.e. environmental promotion - billboards, etc.

I have mocked two up as seen below, to show how the screen-printed posters could be incorporated in different formats and frames in the street, allowing a continuous stream of people to see the print, take in the concept and hopefully listen to the message. By placing the prints in different places opposed to simply in a gallery or an exhibition space, external promotion attracts a wider range of people who may not of necessarily seen or been aware of/interested in the topic until now.

Monday, 30 March 2015


I feel reflecting back on this project Beth and I have worked really well as a team, and have worked around each others busy schedule over the past few months in order to get this project right. We also had several issues with screen printing such as, exposing the wrong side of the toner (big mistake on 2 screens), having our screens stolen twice and not being able to get a print bed. However, eventually we got there and we did it. I think the more annoying it got making mistakes, the more we persevered and learnt from these mistakes to never do them again. This was proven when we had to re-strip, re-coat and re-expose our screens after we exposed the negative rather than the positive of the toner, meaning our typography read backwards when read.

I think however, looking back at our original brief, we were going to experiment with special inks such as UV, however this didn't happen as we wanted the posters to have as much impact as possible and have a strong clear message, opposed to being 'different'. 

On the original brief we stated we wanted to created at least 5 prints, however we felt we had 4 really strong concepts we could make work, and did not have enough time at the end of the project to create a 5th. 

We were also going to see how we could possibly expand this project, but due to the amount of time and problems we have had this has not been done as of yet. This is something though which I am going to come back to in the next couple of days and further work on and develop allowing for a more solid brief, as well as allowing different executions and formats of the posters, allowing for a larger range of people and different audiences to be subjected to the messages Beth and I are trying to portray. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015


Following the brief Natalie sent me and the conversation I had with her regarding format, aesthetic and tone, she also sent me the image below, showing a range of different layouts she had experimented with and particularly liked, however couldn't execute therefore reached out to me. I feel this is really inspiring and helpful, especially as she knows what she wants so it will help me to keep focused and not sway too much.

- - - -

I began by setting up a 7 x 7 grid through an A5, portrait indesign document. Using the grid structure, images were placed through the zine in order to create a mood, feeling and tell a story. As seen in Natalie's layout examples above, bold, bright coloured borders have been placed around some of the imagery. 

I knew that the layout was too basic and not bright or bold enough, however wanted to consult with Natalie on the order of the images before I developed the layout further. By doing this I felt I would be able to work more quickly and efficiently due to the deadline looming in a few weeks. 

- - - -

I received feedback from Natalie regarding the draft showcasing the placement of images throughout the book, more than the layout. This needed more work. Natalie suggested adding even more colour and using the photographs in different ways, as I wasn't sure if I could crop them beforehand. I feel this will add more dimension and scope to the zine, whilst being more playful.

From this little bit of feedback, I went on to add further borders to the photographs in bold colours and different weights depending on the image and the background, as well as the tone of that particular spread. 

Using the 7 x 7 grid system, I began to vary the size and placement of the images. These were then strategically, yet playfully placed adding colourful to the layout, by using photographs as background imagery. 

- - - -

Below shows the first finished draft of the zine, as well as feedback from Natalie.

"The first draft is amazing! I love it! Would it be a pain to ask you to do a different version as well, just for my workfile, like one where each image kind of has a double page to itself but the same kind of style? just do i can talk about different designs, If that's a pain then don't worry I really like what you've done!"

I am really pleased that Natalie liked the first draft so much, and have no issue in doing a 2nd version for her so she can decide between two different layouts for the final major project. I really want to get this right due to being such an important project to Natalie as well as counting towards her final degree show. She is also going back Tunisia next month so is hoping to take some more photos to add to the zine.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


In general I have received very good and positive feedback, with over 500 page views so far since the store has gone live, as well as several sales and over 40 submissions.

A couple of participants have posted their submissions on their instagram accounts and tagged me in them, as well as using #wrappedco to gain a little more popularity and connection between the collective. However, I do not want to post images of this on my blog for their privacy showing their profile images and profile names. I do not know if they would be happy with that.

I have had people since the submission closed at college and on my placement when the next submission is as they are now aware of it, or missed the first one. I am hoping to gain another influx of submissions at the end of April.

In addition to the positive reception, I received two emails from two students at LCA with feedback regarding their submissions. 

These can be seen below:

Afternoon Danielle,

Ive had a peek at the behance page for the project, looking really good, pretty pleased to be a part of it.
I was wondering if I could use the photo of the wrapped presents for my blog and design boards? 


Joe Lindley

- - - -

Hi Danielle,

It's great to see my work amongst other artists, thanks for putting it up!!

Thanks again! 

Sarah Hargreaves


As this is a collaborative brief, Natalie and I had a conversation online which I have posted below discussing the brief in detail as well as discussing layout, deadlines and meeting up for crits.

Natalie is in the Regular font. I am in the Italic.


Ok so the zine is a collection of images that i've taken whilst doing a project in tunisia. I'm taking more in april so this isn't them all but I just want to try and get a general design feel for it.

So those are some of the images so far, then the other two are like me playing around with design ideas.

I was picking colours from the images and looking at how i could incorporate that into a zine, like it's a bit shit but that's why i'm asking you to do it cause you'll know how to do it much better hah it doesn't have to be anything like i've played around with I just don't want to create a plain zine, I want it to be quite playful and colourful.

Hope that's enough info haha if not let me know xx

- - - -

hey!! yeah that sounds brill and your photographs looks ace! this is going to be so much fun i can't wait! haha. do you wanna wait and send me all the images together or do you wanna email them? and what size are you thinking, like A5? xx

- - - -

Yeah I'm thinking A5 for the finished zine. I can email them over now obviously there will be more but if you want to play around with what i've got already I'll send them over.

Also it doesn't have a title or anything yet thats still a wip haha.

my deadline for the project it's part of is the 15th may

so before then haha, but i'm back from tunisia on the 21st april so i'll have the rest of the images around that time to send to you so if we could get it done for the end of april that would be fab xx

also I may rescan the images i'm sending you now just because they've cropped a bit odd on some of them but they could just be dropped back into the design after i've done that right?

- - - -

yeah course, no rush in sending them if you need to sort stuff! just whenever you're ready. and yeah ofc it has to be how you envision it to be! and i wanna do your photos justice haha. it will be good to get your feedback and input into the layout anyway of course x

- - - -

cheers just gonna send you them over now! Let me know when you're free for our first little chat and yeah excited to see what you come up with! x


Monday, 23 March 2015


As the collective is non-profit, I wanted to justify how this works out with charging for prints through the website. Each print when ordered is printed at A2 on 120gsm white stock, and will be wrapped, packaged and shipped accordingly. 

The cost of a print, £4.00 covers the cost of stock £2.00, ink £1.00 and packaging, £1.00, and then £2.00 1st class standard delivery through Royal Mail. It is important to note that I do not make any money from this, and any money which is accumulated through purchases is put back into stock, ink and packaging as stated above allowing for the collective to run smoothly and without any additional costs being incurred.  


Today Beth and I photographed the final Scare Tactics posters. We had purchased a black frame from Ikea with a mount inside to frame each print, to add a subtle contrast to the print. At first we were going to buy 4 frames all the same, and photograph all four prints together. However, when we enquired with the photography studio regarding a space/slot, we were told there weren't any available until after Easter, and we both felt this was leaving it quite late. To get around this problem, I suggested photographing the prints 1 at a time using 1 frame and then digitally amalgamate the 4 afterwards. This would also save us a lot of money, as well as having to wait over a month for a photography slot. To gain a space to take the photos, we set up a continuous lighting set in my flat, allowing for a small photography set-up whereby each print was placed on a wall in the same place to ensure the same quality photos across the board. 

At first we were using the cream mount inside the frame to act as a border for each print. This can be seen below. It wasn't until we had photographed the first print and swapped them over we forgot to put the mount back in. However this was a mistake, Beth and I actually felt the prints looked much better and stood out more without the cream mount detracting from the sharp and bold colours and patterns. This can be seen on the final photographs shown below also.

- - - -

Beth and I are both really happy with the outcome - I personally feel the frames make the prints pop and really make them work as a conceptual set of posters.

We photographed 2 different colour variations of the 'dis-infect or dis-interest' print so we could decide afterwards which colour worked better, as well as working better together visually as a set.


I had tried to photograph some of the gift wrap submissions over the weekend however due to having a small back drop and poor lighting, I was really unhappy with the images, and wanted to re-do these. I had photographed them outside at first to gain a contrast between the mainly white packages. I however didn't feel this suited the brief once tried and tested, and therefore will be re-shooting these on a white back drop with proper photography lighting. The first set which has been discarded can be seen below:

Today I re-photographed some of the gift wrap submissions, in use as wrapping paper, to showcase the variety of designers, illustrators and work who form the collective, whilst showing what WrappedCo is in many ways.

Around 10 different submissions were printed at A2, the standard gift wrap size in the UK, allowing for most objects to be wrapped up accordingly. In addition to the prints shown above, several additional prints were printed at A2. Additional prints featuring more colour in the background were chosen in order to add depth and contrast between the different patterns when properly photographed. Even though I will not be using the first few images I took outside, this allowed me to see I needed an injection of colour to make the packages really pop and show off the true variety of styles and prints.

Below shows the new set of photos taken in a studio with continuous lighting to ensure the colours, prints and packages really show off the designers patterns as well as showcasing creative diversity. I am much happy with these images, and feel they really show off the wrapping paper/gift wrap very well.