Friday, 27 February 2015


Today as 'Group 7' we pitched our concept and campaign for Capital North to the DBA members. As a group we were really pleased with how the pitch went, even though it was quite daunting being with four well established and recognised designers asking questions, seeking specific answers. Overall it was a good learning experience, and I have enjoyed the brief. I struggled at times with being disjointed from the group due to being on placement and abroad so things kept changing, however the group kept me well informed and I still provided ideas, feedback and visual contributions from start to finish, whilst attending group meetings once or twice a week throughout the entire process. 


We had to change our idea after 2 weeks, following the first crit/workshop with DBA. Our idea was quite thought out and refined at this point, however as a group we acted professionally to being told we had to start from scratch basically, and today DBA praised us for being polite and professional in how we acted and dealt with it.

The execution of the presentation, concept and verbal pitch was said to be good, professional and thought out both in terms of visuals and practically, allowing for people to buy into it, therefore it would be a successful campaign.

Even though we were praised for our execution, we were told the idea was almost too finished and too refined, and we should push the idea further and see what else we can do with it. For example, the grid and logo which makes up the identity of Capital North - how can this be used with scale? environment/surroundings? etc. Do this without thinking of restrictions, such as cost, as this held us back slightly with our final pitch and concept. This was a problem also with the interactivity element of the gifs, and expanding this. As a group we had discussed this whereby routes are connected when you touch the screen, for example, however we didn't know if this was within the budget, and whether this would detract away from the concept and point of Capital North. DBA stated during our feedback even though it isn't in the deliverables, nor perhaps in the budget, clients like to see what can be done and you can push for these things to happen at times, so it's always worth doing. This is something to keep in mind in my own work also for the future.

DBA asked if we all have a similar style of work as they were surprised how well we worked together as a group. I think we all have a similar way of working in terms that we like to work alone and then bring ideas together, rather than working together continuously. We know when each other needs a bit of thinking room, and there was no pressure from anyone throughout to get things done - we all got on with it and just knew what we needed to do. This was something which four people who don't know us as individuals picked up, so we were really pleased with this.

In regards to the design and concept itself, we were complimented on making a simple design work well across different scales and media, as well as being complimented on the colour palette. The outcome was very different to what we had when the DBA crit/workshop took place, and the dramatic difference between a simple idea, and a simple idea which has many layers and scope to expand and work with was recognised and picked up with the new concept we pitched.


I feel that this brief was a challenge, however after around 3/4 of working on the project, I can say I have enjoyed it and I am really happy with the outcome we have achieved together as a group.

At first I wasn't sure about the brief - it felt a bit dry for me - however working a group for this made the project seem much more of an easier task allowing for deliberation and conversation in regards to the brief and appropriate methods of execution. I wasn't sure if working with friends would be a good idea at first, and after working at my placement for the initial couple of days I felt slightly behind and out of the group - this was soon resolved, and when I wasn't in college due to work/abroad, I was contacted via email in order to gain my opinion before they continued, or for me to give feedback. I soon realised we actually worked very well together, each having different skill sets and strengths as individual designers. 

In regards to the work load and delegation, this was done as easily and evenly as possible and each time was done successfully, quickly and without any issues. Some are surprised how well we worked together, however we didn't pressure each other or criticise, we each knew what we had to do and provided constructive feedback sessions as a group to bring ideas and concepts together from everyones idea in order to find the gem. 

In terms of the final idea and execution, I think what we achieved works as a concept, a campaign and looks visually stimulating and in-line with something that could work for Capital North. The range of visuals shows how the brand and identity flows and works across a range of media, showing we have thought out the format, scale and audience in relation to the brief. 

I am really happy and proud to of completed such a complex and difficult brief with 3 amazing friends and designers, and receive such positive feedback from the DBA group. I will be showing off our collaborative work in my portfolio.

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