Monday, 23 March 2015


I had tried to photograph some of the gift wrap submissions over the weekend however due to having a small back drop and poor lighting, I was really unhappy with the images, and wanted to re-do these. I had photographed them outside at first to gain a contrast between the mainly white packages. I however didn't feel this suited the brief once tried and tested, and therefore will be re-shooting these on a white back drop with proper photography lighting. The first set which has been discarded can be seen below:

Today I re-photographed some of the gift wrap submissions, in use as wrapping paper, to showcase the variety of designers, illustrators and work who form the collective, whilst showing what WrappedCo is in many ways.

Around 10 different submissions were printed at A2, the standard gift wrap size in the UK, allowing for most objects to be wrapped up accordingly. In addition to the prints shown above, several additional prints were printed at A2. Additional prints featuring more colour in the background were chosen in order to add depth and contrast between the different patterns when properly photographed. Even though I will not be using the first few images I took outside, this allowed me to see I needed an injection of colour to make the packages really pop and show off the true variety of styles and prints.

Below shows the new set of photos taken in a studio with continuous lighting to ensure the colours, prints and packages really show off the designers patterns as well as showcasing creative diversity. I am much happy with these images, and feel they really show off the wrapping paper/gift wrap very well.

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