Saturday, 21 March 2015


WrappedCo boasts a website ran through Big Cartel which shows a gallery, an about page and a submissions page as well as a contact and cart page. To ensure each illustrator/designer is given full credit for their artwork, the collective website showcases an artist page for each individual, showcasing all of their prints on one page. Furthermore, their name, website and course/institution has been added to each print for further credit and promotional purposes for the designer/illustrator. 


Below shows the development of the website as submissions were filtering in. A basic template was chosen as I am not a web designer and can't code very well, and then I edited this through the small amount of HTML and CSS I do understand to ensure the typefaces, logo and pages were as needed and in place. 

An about page introduces the collective, and the mission behind it, whilst the submissions page gives information and submission guidelines regarding the open brief. 

Due to the amount of time it takes to process a print and organise this online with the designers/illustrators details, submissions will be open 1 week a month, and the galleries will be updated accordingly. The dates will be publicised through social networking, the website and through the college.

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Website and Responsive Design:

Below shows a responsive website design for the WrappedCo website, showing a continuous scrolling homepage whereby the products are shown. Additional menu links are shown at the top of the page. When a print is selected, it lights up, as shown below, and then once on the product page shows the print as a whole, the artist credit and links to their website, as well as purchasing details. In addition to this social networking links are shown to further promote the entire collective as well as the individual designer/illustrator. 

Below shows the website design corresponding with the responsive site shown above. The home page showcases 12 of the most recent submissions, and when clicked on the product page takes you through to individual artist pages as well as a whole gallery. This is shown above on the development screenshots.


An advertisement has also been designed in order to attract a wider range of people to submit. These would ideally be placed in 'student areas' in and in town/city centres where a range of people, as well as creative people will be subjected to the advert.

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