Friday, 3 April 2015


I began looking into Photography Books, the formats, aesthetic, layout and typography choices in order to gain some background visuals and inspiration before designing my own photography based book.

As the publication is going to be more contextual, informative and substantial than a zine, much more content will be added as well as featuring a wider variety of photography and content.

Below show a range of publications which I find inspiring in relation to this brief, especially with the route of aesthetic I want to go down - structured, minimal, clean and simple in regards to design, as well as exploring format and binding.

The examples featured below showcase a variety of simple, minimal and clean layout designs, yet all are impactful, bold and eye catching due to the visuals and typography set within it. 

Minimal type allows for the photography to speak for itself, as if in a gallery, an exhibition or a photographic zine.

The above example however shows much more diversity within the layout, however, the use of bursts of colour, and larger, emphasised type adds much more depth and variation to the publication.

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