Friday, 24 April 2015


Below shows the first draft of my design publication which I took to the crit as a PDF on Thursday. 

I have designed the document to A5, being the standard lookbook size, whilst being easily produced and bound myself without too much expense. With this format there is also room to experiment with the binding methods and final execution. 

Each page has been designed as a double spread, opposed to individual pages, adding more movement and dynamic to the pages, whilst being visually different and appealing somewhat breaking the grid. I have chosen a colour palette relevant to my personal practice, and the work I have produced this year, whilst following my own design aesthetic and visual wows to get across how the content has influenced and shaped me as a designer.

The crit was in small groups, being led by Amber. I discussed my idea of a look book style publication to reflect my interest in fashion and the subsequent and surrounding areas, with the group and received positive feedback clarifying that both the publication itself and the topic chosen are relevant to my practice and my personality. I explained how I had used a combination of aesthetics which have been used throughout work I have produced in order to create a visual and contextual link between my practice and my archive of inspiration and research. Amber noted it looked very 80s, which in someways felt dated to her, however she said it reflects my practice and design style, which led to a discussion on trends, design subjectivity and personal tastes. Overall it was very positive and I am simply going to refine the PDF and perhaps add some additional pages with quotes to further contextualise the analysis' and the imagery.

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