Friday, 24 April 2015


After the crit, I decided to finish the publication and make some final revisions. I wanted to work on the colour combinations of the gradients, as when test printed some were very light in comparison to on screen, so these needed adjusting accordingly. I wanted to add further quotes to add context to different sections, as well as add an introduction and contents listing the various sections. I also carried out a spell check and ensured all the images were in-line as well as linked to print at the highest quality. 

I feel that the aesthetic and the content of the publication so far really reflect my interests both related to and non-related to graphic design, as well as reflecting my design style and aesthetic used throughout my work this year. I really enjoy working with colour, shape and imagery so this was a main emphasis for the design, as well as ensuring that the typography remained a focal point and more of a feature within the design.

I am still working out and thinking how to bind this publication, however, I think the best way at the moment in terms of both time and cost, and getting the most out of the double page spreads is to use lay flat binding and potentially use a hard back cover or a vinyl based cover depending on how I design this and want to execute it. Due to there being quite a substantial amount of pages, I would like to experiment with both if possible and see which works best and gives more emphasis on the topic and my own personal practice and design style also.

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