Saturday, 18 April 2015


Following the previous amendments which were sent over to my client Joumana in Kuwait, I received feedback stating that she still felt the designs were too corporate. In response to this, I suggested it may be to do with the typeface being a serif, and suggested trying a sans serif instead for the body copy to see if this took the weight out if it and allow the design to look more 'non corporate'. I explained to my client that when the logo was chosen, the typefaces were shown along with them, so I am hoping this will be the last major amendment.

At this stage I had also received the salons email address, as well as correct phone numbers. The salon name has also been changed slightly from 'element, nails and beauty lounge' to, 'element, nails and beauty salon'.

In addition I also felt the colour being very pale may hinder the less corporate look, so the lilac has been darkened slightly throughout whilst the layout of the body copy has been centrally justified to take away to clinical-ness and over structured reverse of the business cards and loyalty cards. For the gift vouchers, my client thought were still too messy. Therefore, I have made use of the back of the gift voucher, placing the location and contact details, allowing for the main front features to be enlarged slightly, justified centrally and spread out allowing the elements to breathe. 

Both versions - serif and sans serif - can be seen below.

The serif used is Baskerville, whilst the sans serif is Avenir Book.

Feedback was received, and my client thought the sans serif worked much better also, drawing the brief to a close. 

I have enjoyed working on this brief, however being challenging at times with time differences and getting the right visual to work with at first, but feel eventually it came together.

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