Thursday, 2 April 2015


Following sending my client the logos to look through, she said her two favourites were the following, however couldn't decide which she preferred until she had seen them in context.

Therefore, I decided to create the appointment/loyalty cards which my client requires in order to show her a series of ideas and ways she could incorporate some design and colour with the logo. Joumana is also conscious she wants to incorporate elements of the branding throughout the salon, whilst not clashing with her colour scheme and furniture, so each has been designed with this in mind, thinking of ways the branding could be related to decoration, the walls, vinyl, etc.

In regards to the above two options, Joumana sent me the following feedback:

Hi Danielle,

Hope all is great.

With regards to the first option. It's too basic. Slightly more than what I'm looking for. The color pink is not my color. I'd prefer a color like lavender-blue, mint, pistachio, mustard, turquoise, or steel blue. Something rigid yet organic.

With regards to the second option, I really like it, however, I don't think it would go with the fabrics of my chairs, and both patterns would look too busy together of I implement the branding inside the salon. I would like something simple and organic.

Hope I'm not being too picky, looking forward to hear back from you.


- -

From here I developed more organic and natural designs to incorporate with the logo, including some of the colours which Joumana had noted on her last email, whilst keeping in mind the visuals which had been previously sent to me. I am currently waiting for feedback on the below options.

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