Wednesday, 8 April 2015


To keep in-line with the simplistic branding and logo chosen, I began drafting different variations of the letterhead, envelopes and gift voucher. The leaves have been placed to show the 4 elements. However, the logo used below is not correct, this gave me an initial idea of layout.

I discussed this idea with my client before executing it as I was also debating lilac stationary. However, once discussed via email my client felt this would be slightly too minimalistic just having the logo, however wants to include colour but not full bleed. Joumana was not sure on the layout of the gift vouchers either, so this was to be redesigned. 

Taking my clients feedback and ideas into account, I moved on to include a lilac border, the correct logo and blocks of lilac to show where the handwritten details would go, whilst making it look slightly cleaner and neater. The address has also been added - I am waiting for the phone number. In addition my client did like the 4 leaves, however wanted to use these in a different way, so these have been used to frame each piece of stationery, whilst being functional on the loyalty and apt cards. The leaves furthermore create a visual link across all of the elements and within the store.

The revised designs can be seen below. I am awaiting feedback from my client.

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