Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Once I had worked on several variations and developments of the layouts, I had began working on the cover design, wanting this to be as controversial, striking and visually appealing as inner spreads.

The book title is derived from the idea of photography being an art form, and being subjective to the viewer. To tie this into the books controversial contents, the cover features a heavily manipulated picture of Hitler (by Zerocento), dressed in a happy, pink, love infested suit with a full face of make-up. This image, seen as highly controversial instantly sets the scene for the inner spreads, being mocked at also in a photo frame. 

The image is taken from the Italian Fashion Line ‘Cambia Style’s’ S/S Campaign from 2010. 

I am aware this image is quite out there and controversial, and in someways may of been a slightly touchy photography to select, however it has the desired impact whilst relaying the concept and context of the book through the title, cover and inner contents perfectly.


In regards to the inner pages, other amendments and final changes were made to the layout design. 

A contents page has been added keeping simple and minimal in aesthetic, highlighting the photographers number, name, photoshoot title and page number. 

Colour has been added to added in the form of a subtle gradient, adding contrast and reflecting the tone, context, content and photography.

In regards to the content, each of the 11 photographers features their own section, showcasing their location and website/portfolio details, as well as a full series of images, background and contextual information, and credits of the models.

Each first page/introductory for the photographer, relays the section number corresponding to the contents page, whilst featuring a coloured gradient background adding depth to the imagery, setting the mood for the imagery to follow and breaking the sections in a aesthetically pleasing manner (seen middle top/bottom photograph).

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