Monday, 18 May 2015


Below shows the final photography for the Controversial Fashion Photography book. Due to there being over 120 pages in the book, I chose not to photograph each page, and simply photograph key pages showcasing a variation of layouts, each title page and information pages demonstrating the full range of content. 

The spreads used for the Photography were selected due to being most impactful, controversial and high-quality, as well as really emphasising the background information given. 

11 Photographers are featured throughout the publication, whom are listed as follows:

1. Dafy Hagai
2. Louis Banks
3. Steven Meisel
4. Raj Shetye 
5. Giampaolo Sgura
6. Terry Richardson
7. Steven Klein
8. Loral Amir & Gigi Ben Atzi
9. Vasil Germanov
10. Guy Bourdin

11. Helmet Newton

In the end, I chose to get the publication printed through Hobs, whilst being Hardback and Perfect Bound with a Matte Cover and Matte inner pages. I felt producing the book as a Hardback publication, really gave the book the impact and presence it needed as well as being something substantial and perfectly finished which I can take to Interviews and Studio Visits in the future. Also being a photography/coffee table style book, Hardback finishing seemed the most appropriate and fitting with not only the concept but the initial brief, and the chosen direction of Fashion.

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