Saturday, 2 May 2015


For the production of the Design Publication, I had stated in my previous posts and in the crit that I was going to bind the book with either vinyl or a similar substrate to achieve a very shiny and glittery finish to summarise the aesthetics used throughout the year, as well as to show my inspirations and personal tastes.

I had started hard back binding the book, cutting panels of book board and covering these with PVA and a glitter stock. When dried however, even when held under weights, these were arched and unusable for the publication. I found this quite a simple and logical form of book binding, however with the substrate chosen for the cover being an unusual stock, this didn't work as planned, nor look aesthetically pleasing when wrapped around.

Therefore, choosing to find an alternate way of binding so I can still use the chosen cover stock, this was then bound using the same method as with the Jade Clark lookbooks with vinyl wraps. Spray mount however was used as an adhesive, and actually looks and feels more like a lookbook bound this way, so I believe this error was meant to happen to get me to actually bind it as I would normally for other publications. 

As the cover itself is quite OTT, I didn't want to overwhelm the stock with loads of fancy details and extras. I simply wanted to add a title. I decided the best way to do this so it sticks to the cover is using vinyl. 

Below shows the typography and wording I am thinking of cutting out of matte white vinyl.

As this is a publication about myself, I wanted to include my logo taken from my branding, as well as using the same typeface used for the inner titles - BESOM - for this title also, "An Archive". I felt this clearly stated what the contents is, as well as remaining consistent throughout the publication itself.

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