Tuesday, 19 May 2015


This is one of the briefs I feel most accomplished with. I feel I developed so many skills due to the nature of the brief being both a branding and packaging design related project. I wanted to develop these skills, as well as add variety to my portfolio showing versatility within my personal and professional practice.

I originally wanted to work on a beauty/cosmetics line, however after researching into the market found this was actually very crowded and therefore wanted to work on something more quirky and conceptual, allowing for my ideas to be pushed further. I chose to work with products for dogs due to being a gap in the market for an upmarket range. Often clothes and accessories for dogs are found in posh department stores, and therefore felt this niche market would be ideal and fun to work with, whilst being different to run of the mill design.

I really enjoyed the branding element of the brief, using my illustration skills also, opposed so straightforward graphic design. I feel the quirkiness of the brief allowed for the logo design to be really playful and fun. Even though the brand itself is quite comical, I chose to position the product at an up-market level, which I had proposed to be sold in stores such as Harvey Nichols and The Dog Hotel. Therefore, it was quite challenging working on the packaging and selecting the type of bottles and contents to work with, keeping inline with the aesthetic, context and target audience. After days of looking round shops for glass bottles, as well as scouring the Internet, the packaging designs were finalized, and further packaged in handcrafted boxes and bellybands. I also experimented with vinyl cutting and digitally cutting the swing tags, improving and perfecting these skills, as well as improving the application of vinyl to unusual shaped objects.

By producing my own packaging, I improved my crafting skills, designing nets digitally and then finishing each by hand. I haven’t been overly confident with packaging before, however really enjoyed the process and feel I gained a lot from the process.

In regards to photography, I feel this is the one brief where I really showed a really high level of attention to detail and quality. From this point, I realized how important good photography is, and this really allowed for amazing feedback from peers, clients and in interviews with professionals.

If I was to work on this brief again, or revisit it in the future, I would like to further expand the product range, i.e. cats, produce promotional materials such as campaigns and billboards, and therefore use the logo in different ways to get the brand across in a really strong manner.

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