Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Even though this brief at first glance may seem a typical Fashion-led brief, however, it is one that is reminiscent of my family in Spain, whilst being a much more traditional, historical and subdued brand to work with opposed to colourful, wacky and quirky. I chose to do this to show versatility and passion for all different types of Fashion and therefore Fashion related Graphic Design.

At first I really felt like traditional branding was out of my comfort zone, and had shied away from this in the past. I find it difficult at times to tone down my designs and keep things simple, so this was challenging in that respect. However, I feel this really enabled me to design for different target audiences and niche markets of fashion, other than womenswear. I would now feel confident designing something like this again in the future to an even higher and sleeker standard.

I took a similar approach with the execution of the look book and branding to that of Jade Clark’s, using the stocks and substrates similar to that of the materials of the garments, allowing for the clothing to become a visual, and flat piece of Graphic Design. This was done with the linen stock, used to reflect the inner and main material used for the suit of a Matador (suit of lights). This almost felt like a natural path to go down, developing and refining my personal design style and ways of working visually.

The development of the logo in particular was quite tricky, trying to make my handwriting appear like that of a true Spaniard. Therefore, a true Spaniard is whom I used to help with this design process. The collaboration made the final outcome much more traditional, and true to what one would expect. Even though this process was long and tedious in terms of digitizing pages and pages of typography and lettering, the outcome was made ten times better to due the writing and content being authentically Spanish like the brand, context and history.

Producing so many elements of branded stationery and promotional materials such as look books and postcards, really helped me perfect crafting skills and book binding skills, again experimenting with perfect binding.

A problem I initially had with this brief was sourcing a series of appropriate imagery, as I had found that my own photography wasn’t consistent enough, or even enough off, to use for a look book, postcards and website proposal. This was resolved by sourcing a book based on the designs of the Suit of Lights, allowing for a range of consistent images to use throughout.

If I were to do this brief again, I would make the brand much brighter as a whole, reflecting the garments more opposed to the heritage, history and background of the sport. Even so, I am happy with the outcome, as this was something unusual for me to work with, and will allow me to transfer more skills and knowledge to other fashion branding/related briefs in the future.

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