Tuesday, 19 May 2015


At the start of the academic year, I set myself a goal to practice and develop my screen printing skills as this was something in the past I had not given a proper chance due to the time involved, or have had many problems when doing so, hence giving up. I had wanted to try some experimental printing to more practice the print process and perfect the technique, whilst allowing for this to be incorporated into a self-initiated brief.

I felt producing Notebooks and other small items of stationery would allow for other skills to be practiced and developed also, such as book binding and hand-crafting, whilst allowing for different prints and colours to be used and experimented with.

Once I had confirmed the patterns, exposed the screens and chosen the colours to play with I felt much more relaxed and absorbed into the print process really enjoying the freedom of experimentation within print. Not only practicing the printing process, I also developed skills regarding preparation and printing with multiple colours and screens allowing for daring, different and diverse executions to be developed.

I really found this brief in some ways challenging at first whilst planning ahead for the day of printing, preparing several patterns and screens, however once over I felt very accomplished and proud of the outcome.

The stationery, especially the Notebooks themselves are all 100% unique in regards to cut of colour, pattern and the colour of the saddle stitching used for the binding.

The finished and packaged Notebooks were pitched to Andy at Colours May Vary last year, however due the amount of stationery stocked before Christmas they didn’t feel it was the best time to take on additional lines. However, the Notebooks were sold through my BigCartel store and have been received very successfully online through my website and Behance portfolio, as well as by peers and tutors.

As the Notebooks are branded with my logo, I have given these out at studio visits and interviews as a token as well as a little something to remember me by in the future.

Even though the vast majority of the brief ran smoothly in regards to design, feedback and printing, I had several issues with the packaging developing this to showcase the Notebooks at their best, whilst being more high-end than cheap aesthetically and transferable across the different elements of stationery produced. I also gained feedback on the initial packaging ideas which made me re-evaluate and think again about the target audience and in context, how this would sit/stand/look in a retail environment.

I personally love the outcome and feel it was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding briefs to work on and complete in regards to feedback, skills I had learnt and improved, as well as being really proud of the aesthetic being a part of the way-finding process to finding my design style and personal identity.

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