Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Out of all of the briefs I have completed throughout the academic year, this particular brief was the most challenging and difficult for me personally due to being so far out of my comfort zone. I have only coded one website previously for the Level 5 Design for Web module, which in my opinion now looking back was horrific, and therefore working on a website for a client seemed very daunting at first.

Fortunately the website had been designed previously using Photoshop, and I was re-working the existing files to improve functionality, usability, navigation and content, therefore I felt like the brief would be much more doable, however still a challenge. I was freelancing for Impression DP at the time of this brief, so therefore was not one I would of chosen for myself to work on. However, I did learn very many new skills and terminology regarding Web Design and SEO, which I had previously been unaware of.

Furthermore, I also learnt much more about software and learnt how to work with clients efficiently regarding something so alien to myself. I found the constant feedback from both Charlie and Sophie Hartley welcoming and very constructive gaining the most out of the design and my design skills.

Even though my clients were really happy with the final outcome tailored as they wanted, and I learnt and developed skill sets, I do not feel Web Design is truly within my comfort zone or the strongest use of my talents and creativity.

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