Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Whistles for YCN was another of my favourite briefs that I had worked on through the academic year, whilst using this brief as my main competition/live brief entry.  It was chosen due to being for a high-street fashion retailer, being a different target and tone to that of the other fashion related briefs completed, i.e. Jade Clark and Posh Tots. Through my personal and professional practice, I am trying to show versatility and range within the fashion industry and its relationship with graphic design, and I felt this brief really suited. Furthermore, I expanded this brief to show a Men’s version of the scent, adding again something new and fresh to my portfolio, whilst developing my skillset and range of work.

Through this brief, I had allowed myself to delve back into collaging that was used much more in my personal and professional practice throughout level 5, as well as experimenting with GIFs, which was something new I learnt, even if something so small.

I really enjoyed working on this brief, and found the primary research (visiting my nearest store, and collecting look books) was very beneficial to the direction and aesthetic chosen. Even though I am really happy with the outcome, and it has been well received, if I was to re-work on this brief, I would physically make and craft the packaging allowing a little more context and depth to the final outcome and visuals.

This brief however allowed me to work on promotional materials which I worked on as an extra feature, to show in the pitch boards how the scents could me marketed and promoted using billboards and editorial publications as a base for advertising. I also re-worked their website to show how the products could be promoted online.

Overall I feel the outcome fits the brief, tone and target audience, however could be polished and refined if I had more time to craft the boxes and bottle details by hand.

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